How to mount light bar on roof without drilling: tips & hacks

How to mount light bar on roof without drilling: Top 8 ways
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People who have already encountered a situation when they had to mount light bars on the roof of a truck must know that this procedure usually takes quite some time.

How to mount light bar on roof without drilling: tips & hacks
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If you’re one of these people, then this article is for you! Here you will find out to mount light bar on roof without drilling and screws.

Mount light bar without drilling: what to start with?

How to mount light bar on roof without drilling: tips & hacks
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The first thing that you should know is that not all off-roading vehicles can allow the installation of a light bar without drilling.

But don’t worry! There are numerous ways for you to ease the time-consuming process of installing light bars that don’t require drilling.

And we are sure that in this blog post you’ll be able to find the option suitable for your car.

Let’s dive right in.

Top 8 ways how to mount light bar on roof without drilling

Roof rack

How to mount light bar on roof without drilling: tips & hacks
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It is common among off-roading vehicle owners to have removable roof racks (or one single roof rack).

Thus, that is the first and probably one of the most popular ways for installing a light bar – roof racks.

According to the model of the car, there are brackets from various manufacturers that fit perfectly with the roof rack.

The drawback is that light bars must be mounted behind the windscreen level if your roof racks are mounted far behind the front of the car.

So, the roof rack mounting method can’t be used to increase visibility close to the vehicle.

Clamping points

How to mount light bar on roof without drilling: tips & hacks
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The simplest, best, and most reliable way to mount light bars without drilling is through existing bolts or clamping points.

If you have a Jeep Wrangler, you must first remove already existing bolts that are located at the base of the windshield’s two sides.

Secondly, place the mounting brackets that came with the LED light bar in their proper locations, and you may then mount the LED bar to these brackets easily.

Magnetic roof mounts

How to mount light bar on roof without drilling: tips & hacks
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Magnetic roof mounts, which function by employing small magnets, are an additional alternative for mounting one or two light bars on the roof without drilling.

Instead of drilling holes, all you have to do is put these small magnets at the top of the vehicle and hang your LED bar from them after that.

Hood mounts

How to mount light bar on roof without drilling: tips & hacks
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Most vehicles that have a hood also have mounting racks or hooks for the light bar included. These need to be installed first, then your LED light bar on top of them.

There could be some loss of light in front of the vehicle.

For those who want a neat mount with zero drill holes made in the process, this sacrifice in positioning and installation, however, may be a worthwhile trade-off.

Third brake light mount

Another good mounting choice for pickup vehicles is the third brake light mount.

How to mount light bar on roof without drilling: tips & hacks
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Behind the cabin of some pickup trucks, there may be a third brake light.

This additional light may be removed, and its place can be taken by a unit through which your LED light bar can be mounted.

You can mount the light bar through the third brake light on your car if it has one.

Depending on where and how you intend to utilize them, the kit for this comes in various sizes.

But, as well as with roof racks, it has its disadvantages. Visibility close to the car will be reduced because the light bar is situated well behind the front of the vehicle.

Leg space

How to mount light bar on roof without drilling: tips & hacks
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Additionally, you can mount LED light bar through leg space.

You can purchase bars made of metal or plastic that are long enough to extend below your headlight and latch into the metal frame of the car.

These frequently have hooks for mounting to the car’s roof and other surfaces.

Bumper mounts

Bumper mounts may be the ideal location to put your light bar if your car has a push bar. Some of them have mounting holes already pre-drilled for light bar connection systems.

How to mount light bar on roof without drilling: tips & hacks
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However, a clamp-on form of the mount will function even if your push bar is not pre-drilled. Many light bar manufacturers offer mounting kits designed specifically for the installation of push bars.

Installing your LED light bar at the very front of your car has certain drawbacks.

The lightbar’s effective range will be shorter due to the low location. It is located in the front, so it is also vulnerable to damage by low branches, plants, and other items.

Roof gutter

How to mount light bar on roof without drilling: tips & hacks
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Some vintage pickup truck models and other four-wheel-drive cars have drip-edge gutters on the roof. This creates a practical location to mount a clamp-on light bar. The light bar is attached over the roof of the car using a straightforward clamping method that is fastened to the drip edge gutter.

To fit the light bar to the clamp mounts, adapters and spacers are necessary. Not only these mounts are reliable and secure, simple and quick to install. Most importantly, no drilling and holes in the roof!

How to mount light bar on roof without drilling: additional options

  • Bull bars

If your vehicle features a bull bar or a nudge bar, this is a fantastic area to mount a light bar.

A clamp for security is often the most popular mounting technique.

Most clamps have a range that can be adjusted. If necessary, rubber inserts can be utilized to provide a proper fit.

Additionally, these mounting brackets have the benefit of supporting spotlights, work lights, and antennas.

  • Grill mounts

Your car’s grill can be the ideal location to put an LED light bar without drilling and making any holes.

One kind of grill mount makes use of the screw mounts that are already there to secure the grill. The mounting brackets are put in place by unscrewing the current screws, setting the bracket, and then screwing the screw back in.

Drilling is required for another type of grill mount, but the holes are drilled on the support structures behind the grill. New holes made by extra bolts have no impact on the vehicle’s bodywork, so this won’t be a concern.

Light bars positioned on the grill will illuminate the front of the car up close.

However, the shorter mounting height can reduce the light bar’s useful range.

  • Upper seat rail

You can also utilize a seat rail if your car has one because it’s a part of the upper frame.

Compared to cars, pickup trucks have thicker upper seat rails that extend straight down the length of the vehicle.

They are therefore excellent places to put a light bar without drilling.

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You will agree that mounting lights can be quite challenging and time-consuming. That’s why you should try out these drilling-free options, which will make you think otherwise!

Any mounting system mentioned above will help you to install a light bar on your vehicle’s roof without drilling holes into the frame of your vehicle, whether you try to mount the light bar through your vehicle’s roof rack, hood mounts, or existing bolts.

Mostly, these systems come in kits that include all the components and installation instructions, which will save you time when mounting your light bar.

So make sure you give it a go!

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Here are some related questions, the answers to which might give you a better understanding of how to install a light bar on the roof without drilling.

Can you mount a light bar on the roof?


There are different types of Roof Mount LED Light Bars that can be installed to fit various types of roofs. The most recent mounting brackets allow you to put your light bar on the roof without drilling.

How do you install a light bar bracket?

This bracket must be assembled before installation. Insert the bracket into the wide-open channel on the light bar.

When brackets have moved, secure the grub screws with firmly secured screws to secure their position.

Where is the best place to mount a light bar?

The light bars are better installed higher on the vehicles, especially on the roof.

An LED light bar mounted low down near the surface causes a risk of throwing too much illumination into the road directly behind the vehicle where it’s not required.

Can I use adhesive mounts in all weather conditions?

Adhesive mounts are weather-resistant, but extreme conditions, such as heavy rain, intense heat, or freezing cold, might affect their adhesive properties. Regularly checking the adhesive’s condition and replacing it when needed ensures reliability.

Will using non-drilling mounting options affect the vehicle’s warranty?

Using non-drilling mounting options generally does not void the vehicle’s warranty since it doesn’t involve making permanent modifications to the vehicle. However, it’s advisable to check the vehicle’s warranty policy to confirm.

Are there weight limitations for non-drilling mounting options?

Yes, each mounting option has specific weight limitations. It’s essential to check the manufacturer’s guidelines and choose a mounting solution that can support the weight of your light bar safely.

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