Do LED light strips use a lot of electricity in your home?LED Lighting
Do LED light strips use a lot of electricity in your home?
LED light strips have gained immense popularity in recent times, completely transforming the way we illuminate our residences, commercial establishments
Can you reuse LED lights: Detailed guideArticles
Can you reuse LED lights: Detailed guide
LED strip lights have become increasingly popular due to their versatility and energy efficiency. These flexible light strips offer vibrant illumination
Why are my LED lights different colorsArticles
Why are my LED lights different colors: reasons and ways to solve it
When you have decorated the room with LED strip lights, you expect that they are going to be the same color they were when you bought them and that nothing
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Which strip light to choose? RGBIC vs RGB
These are excellent technologies that are becoming increasingly popular. Both ensure an outstanding color range and different effects, there are some key
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Salt lamp leaking dangers: the best guide
In recent years, people have installed salt lamps in their homes to improve the quality of sleep and health. However, few people understand the dangers of their use.
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Get lit with Sharpie light bulbs: magic, color, and more
Welcome to the world of Sharpie light bulbs! If you’re looking for a way to add some color and magic to your home or office, these light bulbs are
2700k vs 3000k: Top Differences And UsageArticles
2700k vs 3000k: differences and usage
Light can add a special atmosphere to your apartment, not only by simply illuminating the space but by complementing your unique room design by emphasizing
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Can you leave a lava lamp on all night and what are the consequences? 
The lava lamp is one of the most original decor items, which not only looks unusual but also gives a special light to the room. Lava lamps were invented
Indirect Lighting Ideas: Bedrooms, Living Room & MoreArticles
Indirect Lighting Ideas: Bedrooms, Living Room & More
There are endless indirect lighting ideas to help you give your room a cozy atmosphere. In addition to giving the impression of more space, indirect lighting