Which strip light to choose? RGBIC vs RGB

RGBIC vs RGB: best helpful guide & 5 top recommendations
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These are excellent technologies that are becoming increasingly popular.

Both ensure an outstanding color range and different effects, there are some key differences between them, and they’re important to understand before making a purchasing decision.

Let’s explore this topic to help you determine which technology is best for your needs – RGBIC vs RGB. 

rgbic vs rgb
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Understanding the concept of RGB LED strip lights

It stands for “red-green and blue”.

RGB strip light technology uses LED strip lights that are capable of producing all three colors. It includes various interesting combinations of the three colors.

Wide range of stunning effects and display multiple colors for you to create.

RGB lighting is commonly used in gaming keyboards, mice, and other peripherals, as well as in-home and commercial lighting.

Which strip light to choose? RGBIC vs RGB
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RGBIC lighting basics

RGBIC stands for “red, green, and blue”, and, this time, “an independent control”, which is a much more advanced form of RGB LED strip light technology.

RGBIC technology uses LEDs that are capable of showing all three colors of light, simultaneously displaying multiple colors. This includes white light as well.

LED in RGBIC LED strip lights has a function, which allows for more precise and intricate outstanding effects — they can be controlled independently.

Commonly used in high-end gaming peripherals, home, and commercial lighting, and in the automotive industry, where RGBIC LED strip light is needed.

RGB and RGBIC strip lights: difference

Both RGB and RGBIC technologies use LED lights to produce a range of colors and remarkable effects.

Independent chip control displays in RGB light strip. Allowing for independent control of each LED in the system — one of the biggest differences between RGB LED light strip and RGBIC LED lights strips. Each strip light has a personal integrated circuit chip.

This allows for more precise and intricate impressing effects, such as wave patterns or chasing lights. 

Technology includes a white LED. This allows for correlated color temperature, multiple IC chip control, and other interesting effects.

RGBCCT LED strip lights allow you to control color temperature.

Cost. The technology of RGBIC strip lights is typically more expensive. What is cheaper — standard RGB strip light technology. Due to the added functionality and complexity of the strip RGBIC lights system.

Strip light installation. RGBIC LED technology appears to be more difficult to install than standard RGB LED strip light technology. It’s due to the added complexity of the system. Remember not to cut RGBIC strip lights.

Compatibility. RGBIC strip lights technology may not be compatible with devices and systems, while RGB LED strips standard technology is generally more widely compatible. 

Which strip light to choose? RGBIC vs RGB
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Which LED light strips are best for you? RGBIC vs RGB

The choice between these technologies ultimately depends on your needs and preferences.

Here are some factors to consider when choosing.

Budget of light strips

If you’re on a tight budget, standard RGB led strips technology may be a better choice.

RGBIC led strips technology offers more functionality and advanced features. But, it is typically more expensive than standard RGB LED strip lights technology. 


If you’re looking for a more advanced lighting system with precise and intricate amazing effects, RGBIC strip lights technology is the way to go.

If you’re looking for a simpler system that is easier to install and use, standard RGB LED strip lights technology may be a better choice. 


Before purchasing a system, make sure to check its compatibility with your devices and systems.

Some devices and systems may not be compatible with RGBIC LED strip lights technology, while standard RGB LED strip lights technology is generally more widely compatible. 

Lighting effects

Consider the effects you want to achieve with your lighting system.

RGBIC strip lights technology offers more precise and intricate effects, while standard RGB technology may be more limited in terms of the range of effects it can produce. 


Consider the purpose of your lighting system.

If you’re using the system for gaming or entertainment, RGBIC LED strip lights technology may be a better choice for its advanced features and functionality of strip lights.

However, if you’re using the system for home or commercial lighting, standard RGB strip lights technology may be sufficient for your needs. 

Which strip light to choose? RGBIC vs RGB
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Tips for choosing the Right RGB or RGBIC product

When shopping for RGB strip lights or RGBIC LED strip lights products, there are a few tips to keep in mind to ensure you choose the right product for your needs.

Read reviews

For any RGB or RGBIC LED strip lights product: read reviews from other customers to get an idea of the product’s quality and performance before purchasing.

Check compatibility

Ensure the product you’re interested in is compatible with your devices and systems before purchasing. 

Consider your budget

RGBIC LED strip lights products are typically more expensive than standard RGB strip light products, so consider your budget when making a purchasing decision. 

Look for reputable brands

Stick with reputable brands when shopping for RGB or RGBIC strip lights products to ensure you’re getting a quality product. 

How to install RGB and RGBIC lighting systems?

Installing an RGB or RGBIC strip light system can be a bit challenging.

Here are the general steps for installing an RGB or RGBIC strip light: 

  1. Choose your lighting system. Determine which type of lighting system is right for your needs based on the factors we’ve discussed. 
  2. Plan your installation. Determine where you want to install the strip lights and plan the layout of the system. 
  3. Install the lights. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for installing a strip light, making sure to connect them to the power source and control module as directed. 
  4. Connect the control module. Connect the control module to your devices or systems, following the manufacturer’s instructions. 
  5. Test the system. Turn on and test the system and different mode control settings to ensure everything is working properly. 

Troubleshooting RGBIC vs RGB lighting systems

If you’re experiencing issues with your RGB or RGBIC LED strip lighting system, here are some troubleshooting tips: 

  • Check the wiring. Make sure all wires are properly connected and secure. 
  • Check the remote control. Try resetting the control box module (or remote control) or replacing it if it’s not functioning properly. The control box comes with the strip. The remote control allows you to adjust the brightness and color of the entire strip, and experiment with multiple colors.
  • Check for compatibility issues. Make sure the lighting system is compatible with your devices and systems. 
  • Contact the manufacturer. If you’re still having issues, contact the manufacturer for assistance or warranty support. 
Which strip light to choose? RGBIC vs RGB
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Let’s highlight some of the frequent questions.

Is RGBIC better than RGB?

RGBIC strip lights are slightly better than RGB strip lights because they have an additional independent white LED, but other technology also has its own pluses.

Does RGBIC have white?

Yes, RGBIC LED strip light have white because they have an independent white LED in addition to the RGB LEDs.

What does RGBIC stand for?

RGBIC stands for Red-Green-Blue-Independent-White, referring to the four types of LEDs used in the LED strip light.

Should I power off the LED lights before resetting them?

Yes, it’s advisable to turn off the LED lights before initiating the reset process to avoid electrical issues or potential damage.

Can a reset fix connectivity issues between the Daybetter LED lights and the remote control?

Yes, performing a reset might re-establish the connection between the LED lights and the remote control, resolving connectivity issues.


Finally, wide color range, and color effects — both offer that. But they differ in terms of functionality, cost, and complexity.

With the right product and installation, RGB or RGBIC can add a unique and dynamic touch to your home or commercial space.

By following these tips and guidelines, you can choose and install the right color-changing led strips for your needs, and enjoy the benefits of colorful and dynamic lighting for years to come. 

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