Salt lamp leaking dangers: the best guide

Salt Lamp Leaking Dangers: 3 Best Tips & Helpful Guide
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In recent years, people have installed salt lamps in their homes to improve the quality of sleep and health. However, few people understand the dangers of their use. Especially if you don’t take good care of them. More about salt lamp leaking dangers you may read below.

salt lamp leaking dangers
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Health benefits of using salt lamps

Before embarking on the study of salt lamp leaking dangers, it is necessary to determine the main health benefits of their use. Such lamps are a piece of crystallized salt. The central part is machined so that a light bulb is installed inside.

Release of negative ions

Such lamps send negative ions into the air.

This contributes to the creation of euphoria, and the person feels like he was in nature.

The more ions released, the better you will feel.

Air purity

Salt lamps can absorb moisture and purify the air. The moisture absorber helps to overcome allergic reactions, which is the best option for people suffering from respiratory diseases.

Fighting anxiety

Almost all salt lamps emit a pleasant pink or orange light. This has a calming effect on the psyche. You can relax after a hard day at work.

Fight against negative electromagnetic radiation

Salt lamps help form negative ions. Therefore, the negative electromagnetic radiation that comes from household appliances is neutralized.

Better sleep quality

Salt lamps help create a dim light that promotes relaxation. It seems that you are near a candle or a fire. Therefore, sleep is stronger and better.

Salt lamp leaking dangers: the best guide
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The dangers of using salt lamps

There is a risk in using salt lamps. Especially if you don’t follow them properly.

Fire hazard

In the event of a malfunction or damage to the wiring, appliances powered by electricity can become dangerous. This also applies to salt lamps. There is always a risk that the dimmer switch or socket lights up. This may cause fire or electrical hazard.

In 2018, the entire batch of Lumière lamps was recalled because they provoked fires.

Therefore, if you bought a 2017 model from this manufacturer, then it is better to check its performance.

A cord extends from the back of the salt lamp and plugs into an outlet. If you try to take it out, you may get an electric shock. Even if the outlet is closed, electrical hazards cannot be avoided. The salt melts on the cord, causing damage and fire.

The danger to children’s

If you bought an original salt lamp, which is made from Himalayan salt, then it is very heavy. Some designs can reach weights of 600 pounds or more. If you place the salt crystal lamp on a shelf or table, the child may accidentally drop it and injure himself.

Therefore, try to install lamps away from children. The shelf must be stable and level.

Animal danger

As you know, salt lamps are made from sodium chloride. If an animal swallows a large amount of salt, it can cause serious health problems. Poisoning can be of different intensities. However, common symptoms include:

  • weakness and vomiting;
  • violation of coordination;
  • muscle tremor;
  • convulsions.

Symptoms may worsen if the animal does not have access to water. To prevent unpleasant situations, it makes sense to put the lamp in places where pets cannot reach. You should also ensure that animals have access to clean water at all times.

Damaged furniture

Himalayan salt lamp absorbs moisture from the air. After it evaporates under the influence of heat. If the Himalayan salt lamps are left off for a long time, then salt lamp leaking soon begins due to the accumulation of moisture on the surface.

Excess moisture that drains from a chilled lamp accumulates at the base of the lamp and on the furniture. If these elements are made of wood, then soon salt lamp owners can notice deformation or stains. This does not always lead to health problems. This is an undesirable side effect in the form of damage to the lamp or furniture.

There are a few precautions you need to take to help prevent excessive leaking from accumulating on the lamp.

Uneven side weights

To many, this factor seems insignificant. However, when it comes to the weight of the lamp, you can immediately notice the problem. The weight of the salt lamp, as already mentioned, is quite impressive. And it is evenly distributed around the perimeter.

If water drips from the lamp for a long time, one side collapses many times faster. Once this happens, the chance of the lamp tipping over increases. Because of this, you can get hurt, or even damage the floor. Believe me, both options are not very good.

The occurrence of corrosion

If the lamp is placed near metal surfaces, it may corrode. If you do not have the opportunity to install the lamp on another surface, it is better to cover the metal surface with a rug or plastic wrap or place a tray underneath.

Salt lamp leaking dangers: the best guide
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How to stop salt lamps leaking water?

There are several ways to prevent a Himalayan salt lamp leaking water. Try to combine them whenever possible to stop leak water.

Do not install in damp places to prevent a Himalayan salt lamp leaking

It is recommended to keep the salt lamp away from rooms where high levels of humidity are kept. The more water your salt lamp will absorb, the higher the chance and frequency of the salt lamp leaking.

Try to install the Himalayan salt lamps away from the kitchen, bathroom, and laundry.

Do not place Himalayan salt lamps next to open windows or doors. After all, the air outside is always humid when compared with the room.

Permanent start to stop salt lamp leaking water

If the salt lamp is on, it radiates heat. Therefore, the moisture evaporates. Try to keep the salt lamp on for about 16 hours a day or more. However, it is better to keep it on all the time.

High-power installation to prevent a Himalayan salt lamp leaking

If your area has high humidity levels, it is better to install a higher-wattage bulb inside the salt lamp. This helps radiate more heat. Therefore, moisture evaporates better.

Air dryer application

It is recommended to install a dehumidifier in the room where the salt lamp stand. This is the best solution if you do not have the opportunity to additionally prevent flooding. Place a dehumidifier close to the salt lamp to avoid problems in the future.

Features of the care of a salt lamp

Once you are familiar with the main hazards of a salt lamp leaking and follow all the tips, this is part of the maintenance.

Wipe the salt lamp periodically with a damp cloth. This is a fairly simple process that requires only a few minutes of free time.

This gets rid of germs and cleans the lamp’s surface.

Remove salt crystals every week. When moisture begins to stick to the salt lamp, it will mix with the salt. This releases salt water. During evaporation, salt crystals accumulate on the surface. To remove salt crystals, you have to use hard plastic tools.

Do not use tools that are made of metal. After all, there is a high probability of damage to the Himalayan salt lamp itself. Because of this, it is unsuitable for further use.

Store the lamp in a plastic bag. If you are planning a trip, or decide not to use the lamp for a while, it is better to place it in a plastic bag. This prevents the lamp from absorbing moisture. You can also use plastic containers that are hermetically sealed.

Don’t wash the salt lamp. In contact with water, you run the risk of completely violating the properties of the device. Condensation forms strongly. Under such circumstances, the salt melts, so the likelihood of electric shock will increase.

Do not place the device near speakers. When they start to work, vibrations are released. Because of them, the flask with salt begins to shake and beats against the inside of the lamp. This recommendation is especially relevant for those who prefer to listen to music at high volume. This may cause the light bulb to move.

Salt lamp leaking dangers: the best guide
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As you can see, salt lamps are very useful and dangerous at the same time. If you use them incorrectly, salt lamp leaking may occur. However, getting rid of the problems with leaking lamp are not difficult if you follow important tips.

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When it comes to using a Himalayan salt lamp, there are a lot of questions you may have about salt lamp leaking.

Is it safe to turn on a leaking salt lamp?

If the lamp leaks slightly, you can turn it on. It does not carry any danger, because this is a very natural process. If the release of moisture is profuse, you need to wipe the water and also protect against leaks.

Can I use my salt lamp if it’s wet?

As mentioned, you can use a salt lamp if it is slightly wet. If the situation is difficult, then it is better to refuse to start the device and proceed with it when you fix everything.

Can salt lamps catch on fire risk?

As you know, electronic lamp, regardless of the principle of its operation, can provoke fires. And salt lamps are no exception. Especially if there is a wiring problem, or if you use the lamp incorrectly. You need to carefully monitor the operation of the device. If you have problems, turn them off.

Why shouldn’t you turn off a salt lamp?

You can not turn off the lamp, because it does not emit heat. Therefore, the moisture accumulated on the surface does not evaporate. If the salt lamp turned off it does not purify the air. Therefore, you do not notice any benefit from them.

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