How to remove fluorescent light cover with clips easily?

How to remove fluorescent light cover with clips: best tips
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Every household has a range of devices needed for its maintenance. Fluorescent lights are also part of it. Withdrawing the fluorescent light covers can be challenging, however, it isn’t as stressful as it might seem at first sight.

Depending on the kind of light cover, the way to remove it changes. This article will discuss How to remove fluorescent light cover with clips and provide a complete guide.

how to remove fluorescent light cover with clips
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Causes for pulling the fluorescent light covers

There are several causes, because sometimes fluorescent lights turn yellow, become the cause of headaches, and can poorly distribute the light. Therefore, don’t neglect this process to prevent yourself and other family members from an unknown source of issues.

How do you remove the cover on a fluorescent light fixture?

Fluorescent light covers are mostly called lenses and possess simple mechanisms holding them into the fixture.

To remove fluorescent light covers, it’s crucial to determine the category of light cover.

There are three common versions of light covers, including the flat acrylic cover, the wraparound cover, and the drop ceiling cover.

But there are also other fluorescent light covers, including the fluorescent cloud cover, the spring light ceiling cover, the puff lens fluorescent light cover, etc.

Since these keep simple mechanisms, you could easily remove them from their location.

Nevertheless, before initiating the process of removal of covers of lights, switch off the lights to ensure your further safety and prevent potential accidents or injuries caused by the heat of the lights.

It’s also necessary to put on gloves to shield your hands from unexpected shocks from the electricity when working with light covers.

Working with drop ceiling lights

Fluorescent bulbs with drop ceiling light covers are primarily employed in commercial environments, including shopping centers, educational places, and workplaces. Occasionally, these bulbs might burst, necessitating their replacement.

Typically, the fluorescent lights of the drop ceiling cover are housed in the ceiling and can be concealed with other ceiling panels. The aim is to create a smooth and uniform appearance by integrating the ceiling panels with the lights.

This fluorescent light cover type possesses two levers that can be utilized to work with the cover.

To access the light cover, these panels consist of two layers that are securely fastened in place and they have to be unlocked. It’s necessary to position the lay flat to achieve optimal functionality.

To remove the light covers of your fluorescent light, track these three straightforward actions:

The first move is to pull the panels

Begin by pulling up and out on the panels, making sure to move them to a 90-degree angle. This action should unlock both layers of the light fixture and allow the frame to slightly open.

the second move is to pull the frame

Next, pull the frame horizontally out from the hinge side. This stage is crucial to enable the light to fully swing, so take care to do it correctly.

The third move is to swing the light cover down

With the frame in the correct position, swing the fluorescent light cover down to completely extract it from the fixture. Now, you know how to easily remove fluorescent light covers.

Working with wraparound fluorescent light cover

How to remove fluorescent light cover with clips easily?
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If you ought to remove fluorescent light covers from the wraparound version, there are a couple of things you ought to recall.

The wraparound light cover is typically suspended from the ceiling and doesn’t come with a decorative frame.

Thus, they’re often found in utilitarian settings.

The cover lens of a wraparound cover has a design of a U-shape that covers the bulb.

The flanks of the lens sit on a ledge with a small lip, which you can effortlessly push to unclip the covers.

To finalize the task at hand, you ought to follow three simple moves:

The initial move is to grasp one long side

You have to firmly seize one of the longer sides and push it up until it’s no longer fixed in place.

the second move is to pull down the longer side

Once you’ve completed the previous move, gently pull the same long side downwards to further loosen it.

Consequently, repeat the previous two moves with the other side until it’s free and can be removed.

So, you have accomplished your goal with ease and without damaging items.

Working with a flat acrylic cover

The flat acrylic light fluorescent light cover is designed to be light and flexible which alleviates the removal process.

It’s worth noting that the flat acrylic light bulb comes with decorative frames that serve to maintain it in standing.

The structure is designed to complement the aesthetic of the kitchen, where it’s commonly used. Therefore, avoid damaging the adorning element and work patiently.

Removing panels from a fixture can be a delicate process, therefore, follow these two steps and accomplish your aim:

The first move is to push the sides of the panel

Begin by pushing one end of the panel to form a necessary amount of gap at the following end, allowing you to drive it out of the fixture.

Be cautious not to bend the panel during the process, as they are quite flexible and prone to damage.

It’s important to work carefully with one end first.

The second move is to gently tap on the cover

If the panel becomes stuck, gently tap around the vicinity of the cover with a soft mallet. This should make it easier to move. Once the panel is free, continue it with other ones.

Working with additional kinds of fluorescent light covers

Several distinct kinds of light covers were mentioned previously.

In case you possess a spring light ceiling cover, utilizing a cutter or a blade is recommended to facilitate its removal.

Then pull the cover and place your finger to pull harder.

In case the fluorescent lights don’t possess clips, you can utilize a wrench. By twisting the nut counter wise with the tool, you can extract the fluorescent light cover readily after it loosens a bit.

A couple of useful suggestions

Firstly, before attempting to pull out the fluorescent light covers, it’s essential to clean the floor beneath them to prevent unexpected accidents.

Secondly, in case you ought to extract the flat sheet fluorescent light covers, attempt to use your finger to keep the upper lip of the cover for better control.

Thirdly, make sure to utilize a suitable screwdriver.

Fourthly, employ a classic ladder to reach a better excess rather than trying to get to the fluorescent light covers from an unstable surface.

All these tips can assist you with extracting the fluorescent light covers effortlessly.

How to remove fluorescent light cover with clips easily?
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Frequently asked questions

How do you unclip a light cover?

It might be quite difficult to remove the fluorescent light cover since several kinds of light covers are fragile, while others are easy to work with.

Thus, you have to determine the category of light cover and just then begin extracting it. After, based on the type of fluorescent light cover, you ought to pursue the actions noted earlier.

How do you remove ceiling lights with clips?

In case your fluorescent light cover contains clips, it’s necessary to possess a screwdriver.

Light fixtures such as the vapor-tight cover include clips, and those clips wrap around the fluorescent light cover. You ought to extract the clips with the assistance of a screwdriver and unlock the cover.

How do you remove square ceiling light cover with clips?

The ceiling light covers of the square type smoothly slide within a durable metal track. Simply push it toward the track opening, then it’ll effortlessly pivot and begin swinging.

Are there different methods to remove covers with various clip designs?

Yes, the process may vary based on the type of clips or tabs securing the cover. Some may require a simple press, while others may need a slight twist or sliding motion to disengage.

What should I do if I encounter difficulties or can’t remove the cover?

If you encounter difficulties or the cover seems stuck, refer to the fixture’s manual for specific instructions. If unsure, seek assistance from a professional to avoid damaging the fixture or cover.

How do I release the clips or tabs to remove the fluorescent light cover?

Pressing or gently squeezing the clips or tabs inward towards the center of the fixture usually releases them. Alternatively, some covers might require a slight twist or lift to disengage the clips.

How do I identify if my fluorescent light cover is secured with clips?

Fluorescent light covers secured by clips often have visible clips along the sides or corners. Some covers might have push-in tabs that act as clips securing the cover in place.


In case you ought to withdraw the cover of a fluorescent light bulb, don’t forget that the process behind their operation is a simple mechanism.

Approach the process with care and make sure to inspect the covers of the lights first, and only then begin the procedure. Work cautiously and follow the steps mentioned previously!

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