How to change LED light color without remote: a comprehensive guide

How to change LED light color without remote
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Remote controls are frequently used to control LED light strips instead of a light switch. The necessary remote control must be used to control the several components of an LED light strip. LED light strips are the most effective way to add life to your house. They also make a fantastic addition to your smart home.

LED light strips usually surpass smart lighting in many instances, since they are designed to improve the aesthetics of your house. LED lighting is one of the most cost-efficient and productive alternatives. It is also fashionable and environmentally beneficial.

Most LED light strips have remote controls. The multiple features of the LED light strip are managed via the remote. Therefore, it’s imperative that you keep your remote secure and don’t misplace it. Remotes for LED light strips have been reported to be lost by numerous users.

Consequently, customers feel hopeless and are unsure of what to do. If you’ve encountered a similar situation, you shouldn’t be alarmed. We’ll go over how to change LED light color without remote.

How to change LED light color without remote: a comprehensive guide
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Why won’t your LED lights power up?

Regarding your primary issue, there are a variety of reasons why LED lights don’t switch on instantly, but one of the most unforeseen is when you leave them off and can’t find the remote control for them, or when they just plainly stop working.

Along with a defective remote, other potential causes include a loose connection, a bad wiring arrangement, or water that became lodged due to a downpour of rain.

How do I change the color of my LED lights?

How to change LED light color without remote
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The following are various ways to change the color of your LED strip lights without a remote.

Install a compatible application

Applications are accessible for several LED strip lights. If you type in the model number of your LED strip light in the Google search bar, see if yours appears among the results. You won’t need to replace your remote if you can operate your RGB LED strip light using a smartphone app, since these applications typically have all the features of a remote.

The download of the app can be started by clicking the download button in the Google result. The Play Store or the Google Play Store will be opened for you immediately. Because applications are model-specific, double-check that you download the right one for your lights.

Connecting the app and light is necessary. The app includes directions on how to complete each task.


An optional Bluetooth remote control is offered for certain LED strip lights. You can’t use your new Bluetooth LED strip lights until you’ve turned them on and installed the associated phone app.

Dimmer switch

This can also be used to change LED strip lights without a remote because it reduces the power that is transmitted to the LEDs. The color can be altered by lowering the power.

The positive wire should be connected to one port on the dimmer switch, and the negative wire should be connected to the other port. Next, adjust the switch to the preferred setting. The LED lights color changes as a result.

Not all dimmer switches are the same, which is a crucial distinction to make. To effectively power your LED lights, some dimmer switches may require extra energy. If you want to know if the one you have has enough wattage, it is preferable to refer to the manufacturer’s guide. Seek the answer to your enquiry if your dimmer switch has enough power.

Computer-based control

Using software to control LED lights is often more complicated and intended for professionals. Your PC’s motherboard must be linked up to your LED lights either through a USB port or another available connection. You then have the alternative of downloading Aqua Suite, LED Strip Studio, or Madrix. They are all easy to install. The installer can be downloaded from the software’s home page alone.

The application detects any connected, appropriate LED lights after installation. The colors and fluid patterns of each software can then be altered. Madrix and LED Strip Studio are your best selections if you wish to use the software for commercial purposes. If all you want to do is acquire a new feature, Aqua Computer is excellent.

If all you desire is to add a lovely touch to your space’s lighting scheme, Aqua Computer is more than adequate. The difficult setup and program compatibility are the only drawbacks of using this approach.

Make use of a power supply adapter

A power supply with multiple settings can be used as a solution to control LED lights without a remote control. The switch on the majority of them lets you adjust the output voltage. You can change the color of your LED lights by adjusting the voltage output.

To accomplish this, join the positive wire to one power supply port and the negative wire to a different port. Next, adjust the power supply’s switch to the required voltage output. The LED lights change color as a result of this.

Not every power supply is made equal, it’s crucial to remember that. For a power supply to effectively power multiple LED lights, extra wattage may be required. Always refer to the manufacturer’s recommendations when determining whether your power supply has enough watts.

Buying a new remote control

The cheapest and, ultimately, the best answer is to replace a lost remote control. Return to the retailer where you originally purchased the LED strip light or purchase online. It will be beneficial if you purchase similar LED light brands from the same supplier.

All the details you need should be located on the bottom of your LED strip lamp. If it doesn’t work, you’ll need to find the lights you bought by looking through your receipt or elsewhere. Checking again to ensure that the new remote you purchase to control your LED lights is suitable might be beneficial.

This is very important in terms of voltage standards. You can succeed in it by cross-checking the model figures and other performance data of your LED light strip.

Additionally, there are numerous universal remotes for smart LED strip lights that can meet your needs.

Connect the LED strip light to the power source

This approach isn’t necessarily the most practical and long-term while being quite simple to apply. To turn it off, just unplug your LED strip light once it has been plugged into the power source and left on.

Regrettably, not all of them function with this method. You can’t expect some strip lights to turn on when you plug them in, since they include integrated power and remote controls. Physically plugging and unplugging your LED strip lights is not only unpleasant, but it will also limit your ability to take advantage of the full range of colors and intensities they provide.

How durable are LED lights?

How to change LED light color without remote: a comprehensive guide
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Each LED light will vary somewhat, but they typically last about four or six years. Naturally, the length of service depends on how frequently you use your lights and how safely and securely they are connected. Furthermore, they often have a much more extended lifespan than regular light bulbs. Experts say that LED bulbs can last up to 50,000 hours, which is astonishing.

Is it safe to use LED light strips?

They are safe as long as they are installed and operated in compliance with the directions provided by the manufacturer. Some lights, for example, should not be installed in moist locations, while indoor lights should not be positioned outdoors.

Is a remote included with LED lights?

Yes, most advanced LED strip lights have a remote control imitating a light switch, if not all of them.

However, some LED lighting fixtures might also come with an app that you can install on a phone, tablet, or computer in its stead.

Even an LED bulb installed in your floor lamp or a ceiling fixture commonly comes with a mobile application.

Can you change LED lights without remote?

You can change LED lights without remote. There is no additional equipment needed, and the technique is simple.

To change the color of LED lights without remote, you must first determine the type of LED bulb you have. Some LED light bulbs call for the usage of a smartphone app or other gadget that can connect to an LED controller. Typically, Bluetooth or a proprietary link is used for this. The following step can be taken once you’ve determined the type of bulb.

Finding a bridge that enables you to manage your lights from a smartphone or tablet is the next step in altering the colors of your lights without a remote. If there isn’t a bridge, you might have to buy one. After the bridge is put in place, you’ll be able to control your lights from almost anywhere.

You can begin changing the color of LED lights without an LED strip light remote after the bridge is installed. Typically, this entails downloading an app that enables you to change the lighting’s color.

What are the uses of LED strips?

Below are the uses for LED strips.

Bedroom lighting

Bedroom lighting
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After a hard day at work, LED strip lighting can assist you in falling asleep peacefully. If you want to create a more relaxing environment in your bedroom for sleeping, you can install a great slow fading LED lighting system. You’ll be lulled into a restful sleep by an orange-hued LED light, which will help simulate that gorgeous sunset.

Avoid using blue LED strips because they inhibit the creation of melatonin, which can disrupt sleep.

When you awaken in the morning, you will find that color-changing smart LED lights are incredibly useful. These lights may be set to turn on in the morning to offer you the best possible start. Additionally, you may color-code your lighting system’s morning color automation to give you a heads-up on how long you can keep your alarm off.

Mood improvement

Mood improvement
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The LED lighting’ ability to change colors can instantly improve the way you feel. The majority of individuals utilize these bulbs in their homes as mood enhancers. You will experience renewed vigor and energy when exposed to blue light during the day.

Nerves can be calmed by green lights. They might aid in improving your focus, and yellow light elicits a positive emotion.

Perhaps it’s time to switch to a new LED strip light. You can call for colored lights in your home in some circumstances. Light has been proven to have a favorable effect on productivity and mood in scientific research.

Setting a visual alarm

visual alarm
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If you have trouble remembering to set your alarm, you may use warnings with color-changing lights to serve as a constant reminder. 

They could, for instance, assist you in keeping track of your appointment schedule, medication schedule, and morning run schedule. 

Can I control my LED lights with my phone?

Yes, you can control your LED lights with your phone by downloading compatible applications.

What app to use if you lost your LED light remote?

You may use the Philips Hue app, Magic Home, HappyLighting, or Lotus Lantern.


How to change LED light color without remote: a comprehensive guide
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Finally, the right tools and a little bit of expertise are all that is required to change the color of an LED light without a remote. It may be done in just a few simple steps, whether you’re trying to add a little flare or create a unique impact for your home or company.

It may take some time to achieve your desired outcome, but once you do, the results will be remarkable and last for years. If the aforementioned solutions don’t work, you might have to purchase new LED strip lights. I hope this article on “how to change LED light color without remote” is helpful.


Q: Can I synchronize LED light colors with music or video?

Some advanced LED light systems come with music or video sync features, allowing the lights to change colors based on the audio or visuals being played. Check your LED light’s specifications or app features to see if this option is available.

Q: Do LED lights remember the last color setting when turned off and on again?

Many smart LED lights have a memory function that remembers the last color setting used when you turn them off and on. However, not all LED lights have this feature, so it’s essential to check the product details or user manual.

Q: What if my LED lights don’t support any of the mentioned methods?

If your LED lights do not have built-in smart capabilities or color-changing features, you can consider purchasing an external RGB LED controller. These controllers can be connected between the power supply and the LED lights, allowing you to control colors through a smartphone app or remote.

Q: Can I use third-party apps to control the LED light color?

Yes, some third-party apps might work with your LED lights if they support standard communication protocols like Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. However, it is recommended to use the manufacturer’s official app for the best compatibility and performance.

Q: How do I know if my LED lights support color-changing without a remote?

Most LED lights that support color-changing without a remote will mention it in the product description or packaging. Look for keywords like “smart,” “app-controlled,” or “voice-enabled” to identify these features.

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