How to reset Daybetter LED lights: a detailed guide

How to reset daybetter LED lights: 4 basic steps & top guide
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The Daybetter LED lights are highly sought-after light strips in the market, available in an assortment of sizes, colors, and patterns to fulfill diverse lighting requirements.

They are versatile and can be utilized for several purposes, such as enhancing home decor, providing accent lighting, or integrating with a smart home setup.

how to reset daybetter led lights
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How to reset Daybetter LED lights step-by-step?

Like all electronic devices, the Daybetter lights may experience power-related complications or even malfunction altogether.

If this occurs, resetting the LED lights is usually the most suitable approach.

Here we will discuss the steps to reset the Daybetter LED lights.

Step One: Disconnect the LED Lights

To begin the resetting you will need to unplug the power cable of your Daybetter LED light from the power source.

This is essential to make sure that the daybetter lights are not connected to any power source, which could result in electrical shock or damage to the device.

Step Two: Locate the Reset Button

You will need to locate the reset button, which locates in the top right-hand corner of the LED strip after you end up disconnecting the LED lights.

It is typically a small, circular button that is recessed to prevent unintended pressing.

Step Three: Press the Reset Button

After finding the reset button, press and hold it for about five seconds using a pointed object such as a toothpick or pen.

As a result, the LED lights should blink twice, indicating that the device has been reset, and you can now release the button.

Step Four: Reconnect the LED Lights

As you have reset the LED lights, the last thing to do is connect the power adapter back to the power source. Ensure that the LED lights are installed correctly and are getting power from a steady source.

Direct sunlight or unstable power sources can harm the LED light strip and lead to problems in functioning.

How to reset Daybetter LED lights: a detailed guide
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When to reset Daybetter lights?

To determine the appropriate for resetting your Daybetter LED lights, you will need to consider some of the conditions listed below.

Daybetter LED lights are available in various designs, such as LED light strips in different designs, and are a common choice for people who want to enhance their living spaces with additional illumination.

You may have to occasionally reset your Daybetter lights as they started to function.

One instance in which you may need to reset your working Daybetter LED lights is if they are malfunctioning.

If the lights are flickering or not turning on, resetting them may be necessary.

You can attempt to reset the lights by turning them off and back on using the remote control.

If this does not work, you may need to unplug the led strips and wait a few seconds before you connect the daybetter LED lights again.

Another situation where you may need to reset Daybetter LED lights is if you want to change the settings.

If you have been utilizing the light strip for a while and want to adjust the brightness or color, resetting them initially may be necessary.

This will allow you to start with a blank slate and adjust the light to your desired settings.

Overall, resetting your Daybetter light is advisable if you encounter any issues with them.

This can help eliminate glitches or bugs and restore the light strip to optimal operation.

By following a few straightforward procedures, you can reset your Daybetter light and bask in a bright and vibrant ambiance.

How to reset Daybetter LED lights: a detailed guide
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Advantages and disadvantages of resetting Daybetter LED light

Daybetter LED lights are a well-known type of LED strip lights that have a variety of lighting uses.

Occasionally, users may encounter issues with the lights and may decide to reset them.

The followings are the benefits and drawbacks of resetting Daybetter LED lights.


What are the advantages of such actions?

Fixing Malfunctions

Resetting the Daybetter LED light can help to address any malfunctions with the lights, such as flickering lights, an unresponsive power button, or other connectivity issues.

Default Settings Restoration

Resetting the daybetter light can also help restore the lights’ default settings, which can be useful if the lights have previously been customized and no longer operate as expected.

Ease of Resetting

Resetting the Daybetter LED light is a simple process that involves pressing the power button on the control box for a few seconds.

This means that users can reset the lights themselves without the need for professional assistance.


There are also disadvantages in this case.


Resetting the Daybetter LED light can take some time, particularly if the user has customized the lights with specific settings.

This may frustrate some users who require the lights to function immediately.

Risk of Damage

Resetting the lights can also pose a risk of damaging the daybetter LED strips if it is not done correctly.

If the user applies too much force while pressing the power button or does not follow the correct resetting process, it can damage the light strips permanently.

Loss of Customization

Resetting Daybetter LED lights will erase any customizations made to the lights.

If the user has spent time customizing the lights to a specific color or pattern, resetting the lights will erase all those customizations.

How to reset Daybetter LED lights: a detailed guide
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Daybetter LED light troubleshooting by resetting

Daybetter LED light strips are a popular choice for adding ambiance to a room or creating accent lighting.

However, like any electronic device, they can encounter issues and require troubleshooting to get them working properly again.

Here we will provide some guidance on how resetting may help in troubleshooting Daybetter LED lights.

Improper installation

If you are experiencing issues with your Daybetter lights, one of the first things to check is whether they have been installed correctly.

Improper installation can cause a variety of problems, including flickering or inconsistent lighting, as well as a failure to turn on at all.

Make sure that the power supply is plugged in securely and that the LED strip lights are properly connected to it.

If you have confirmed that the installation is correct, but the lights are still not working correctly, you may need to reset them. To do this, unplug the power adapter and wait a few minutes before you connect daybetter LED lights again.

This can sometimes help to reset the lights and get them working properly again.

Problems with IR remote

Another common issue with Daybetter LED strips is problems with the IR remote.

The problem might be with the batteries. But if the problem is not in them, try resetting the lights as described above. If this still does not work, it may be necessary to replace the IR remote.

How to reset Daybetter LED lights: a detailed guide
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Tips for resetting Daybetter lights

It’s important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions, during the reset since different models may have varying reset procedures.

If the reset button fails to work, try using the Daybetter app to reset the lights.

This app lets you control the lights remotely and includes a reset option for when the lights aren’t functioning correctly.

If you’ve recently installed the Daybetter LED lights and they aren’t working, it’s possible that they were installed improperly, causing power issues.

In this case, be sure to double-check the installation.

How to reset Daybetter LED lights: a detailed guide
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As we came to the final words, resetting your Daybetter LED lights can be an uncomplicated procedure to restore their functionality. Regardless of whether you are facing power problems, a faulty remote control, or any other difficulties, adhering to the aforementioned instructions can aid in resetting your Daybetter LED lights and restoring their proper operation.

If you continue to encounter issues after reading our blog post, reach out to Daybetter customer support for additional assistance.

Frequently asked questions

How do I reset my LED strip light?

The procedure for resetting your daybetter LED strip lights may differ depending on the brand and model. Nonetheless, you can reset them by following these instructions. First, unplug the Daybetter LED strip lights from the power supply.

Then, use a remote control to hold down the “on” button for approximately 5-7 seconds until the lights begin to flash. Once the lights start flashing, release the “on” button and wait for them to stop flashing. Finally, connect Daybetter LED lights to the power source. After completing these steps, your lights should be reset and ready for use.

Should I power off the LED lights before resetting them?

Yes, it’s advisable to turn off the LED lights before initiating the reset process to avoid electrical issues or potential damage.

What should I do if resetting doesn’t solve the problem with my Daybetter LED lights?

If resetting the LED lights doesn’t resolve the issue, consult the user manual for specific troubleshooting steps or contact Daybetter customer support for further assistance.

How long should I hold the reset button or perform the reset process?

The duration for holding the reset button or performing the reset process might vary. Typically, it involves holding or pressing the button for several seconds until a specific indicator light blinks or changes.

Will resetting Daybetter LED lights delete my custom settings?

Yes, resetting typically restores the lights to their default settings, erasing any customizations or changes made previously.

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