How to reset LED strips – Step-to-step guide

How to reset LED strips - 5 top basic tips
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One of the foremost, well-known lighting alternatives is LED strip lights. It could be an adaptable strip, which you’ll adhere to nearly any place and play with the color range and brightness.

Ordinarily, the remote control works on LED light strips, which implies the remote control regularly might experience network and setting issues.

How to reset LED strips – Step-to-step guide
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If your LED strip light malfunctions, a reset button is provided to restore the LED lights to their best condition.

Keep reading this article and acquaint yourself with the nitty-gritty of how to reset LED strips lights!

A summary of LED strips

Firstly, LED strips are truly strips that contain little lights radiating at the same time to make a string of lights. They are frequently utilized for enhancing purposes on houses, rooms, and indeed insides (or indeed the outside) of cars.

LED strip lights are most known for their brightness and productivity and are controlled by the LED strip remote control gadget, which permits you to reset LED strip lights in the general settings and Wi-Fi network of the device. This will revamp all the settings, permitting you to begin utilizing it from scratch.

How to reset LED strips

To reset the LED strip, utilize the power adapter of your LED strips by plugging it in and turning it on for a couple of seconds.

  • Find the reset button (located at the back of the unit).
  • After the reset button is found, switch the LED strip lights off and unplug the power adapter by allowing the remote control to still be turned on.
  • Tap and hold on to the power button for a couple of seconds, at that point plug in the power supply.
  • Clasp the power button for a few seconds, and wait for the LED strips to switch on.
  • The LED strips will switch on and take turns between green, red, blue, and then yellow.
  • When the LED strip is turned yellow, you can discharge the button.

The known way to reset RGB LED strips can be slightly different for some brands. For some brands, factory reset LED strip lights may require the power source to be turned on and off.

What do I do if my LED strip light is two different colors?

Be sure the strips and the power supply can give adequate power to all the strips attached to the transformer.

How to reset LED strips – Step-to-step guide
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When the LED strips light cable is loosely linked to the power supply, the LED light will not work.

To fix this, ensure the cables and power adaptor is connected properly.

Why is my LED strip light yellow?

LED strip lights purchased at a cheap price could have substandard silicone layers which cause the silicone layers changing colors to a yellow hue after a few weeks of being installed, and the diodes burn out.

How to reset LED strips – Step-to-step guide
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Ensure your light is taken care of, and they’ll serve you well for a long time to come.

What do I do to enable my LED lights white?

LEDs don’t create white light. To enable your LED lights to generate white lights:

How to reset LED strips – Step-to-step guide
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  • Utilize a phosphor coating with a blue LED light to change blue light to white light by a procedure called fluorescence.
  • Blending blue, red, and green LED lights to build white light.

How can I fix my broken LED lights?

On the off chance that the LED light strip you acquired can be cut, the remaining portion simply cut off cannot be utilized any longer.

How to reset LED strips – Step-to-step guide
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If you need to reconnect them after cutting, you must utilize an extra 4-stick connector to fix your broken LED lights.

My LED lights keep fluctuating to red

LED light transforms to red if exposed to heat. The reason is that the LED strip lights initially heat up and then cool down; causing some color parts to jump to the surface, and others to fall back to the inner part of the LED light strips.

How to reset LED strips – Step-to-step guide
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How do you know when to reset LED Strip Lights?

  • Resetting your lights can be determined when your strip lights are twitching, and not acting correctly. These issues require you to reset your strip lights.
  • Changing your batteries in your remote control, or replacing the remote, is a reason to reset your lights. This is to enable your strip lights to sync with the LED strip remotes.
  • When planning on changing the color or intensity settings. This action would require resetting your LED strip lights to enable any new changes to work accurately.


Knowing how to factory reset LED strip controllers at the slightest, will prevent you from thinking about how the reset is done. With this, you’ll have a simpler time perusing the instruction manual and going through the entire process.

LED strip lights are an awesome way to include additional light.

In this article, we’ve displayed to you how you can reset LED strip lights to work again.


How do I reset my LED Wi-Fi strip?

To reset your LED Wi-Fi strip, tap and hold the light switch reset hole for 15 seconds or more, and after that release the light strip. It will then animate orange and green, which shows an effective factory reset.

Why have my LED strip lights stopped working?

The cause could be a malfunctioning power supply, disconnection from the power source, a flawed circuit plan/power outage, or impairment due to water entrance caused by rain.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eWhatever the cause for the LED lights not working from the power adaptor, the problem can be solved if the issues related are fixed.

Can you reapply the LED strips?

Yes, you’ll be able to remove and re-apply your LED strip lights from elsewhere.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eLED strips are not just like regular lights that require constant changes. Rather, you’ll be able to reuse your LED strip lights.

What do I do if my LED strips are still not working after resetting them?

If your LED strips are not working even after resetting them, consult the user manual for troubleshooting steps. It might be a power supply issue, faulty wiring, or a problem with the LED strip itself. If problems persist, contacting customer support is advisable for further assistance.

How often should I reset my LED strips?

You should only reset LED strips when necessary, such as when you’re changing configurations or troubleshooting issues. There’s no need to reset them regularly if they’re functioning correctly.

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