How to soften LED lights: best tips

How to soften LED lights: 4 best tips & helpful guide
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Recently, LED light has been in great demand. It helps to illuminate the room advantageously, while it does not greatly affect utility bills. However, some do not like that the LED lights are too bright. Therefore, the question arises, of how to soften LED lights.

how to soften led lights
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What to pay attention to first?

If you wonder how to soften LED lights, then there are many solutions for this. All of them are simple and affordable. For more details about all the methods of softening the LED lights, you may read below.

Application of diffusers to soften LED lights

If the LED backlight seems too bright for you, you can try softening the energy-efficient LED lights. Thanks to the use of diffusers, harsh light is softened.

Diffusers for softening LED lights can be different, depending on the density and shade.

It is enough to install them on the LED lamps, the light bulb began to emit a pleasant light.

The use of diffusers helps soften LED lights. Therefore, LED lighting is softer and cooler, without glare. It is best to install diffusers for office lamps.

So, to smooth out the bright LED lights a bit, you can use diffusers. This is a great fixture for softening LED lights. It makes sense to use diffusers if your LED bulbs are too intense.

Diffusers help to quickly and effectively soften LED lights and fill the room with pleasant light. This eliminates glare, which can distract from important matters. On the market, there is a large assortment of tools to achieve diffused light.

A light diffuser is the best solution if you want to achieve LED lighting for portrait photography. Diffused light can be achieved even with a cloth or a sheet of white paper. This is a budget solution to soften LED light for those who are on a budget.

How to soften LED lights: best tips
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Changing the position of the LED lights

If you are wondering how to soften LED lights, then you can change the position of the LED lamps. That is, the brightest LED lights should shine in the opposite direction from you. This is quite an important requirement if you are into photography.

The use of lamp shades to soften LED light

If softening the light is required in the office, you can use lampshades. It is believed that the office table lamp shade is a simple and affordable option. At the same time, it makes the interior more interesting.

To soften LED lights, you can use both fabric and paper lamp shades. With their help, you can fill the room with warmth. Before you start using the lamp shades, you should clean them.

If you do not plan to use fabric options to soften LED lights, diffusers are allowed.

You can find lampshades that create scattered light in any store.However, you need to understand that their cost is an order of magnitude higher when compared with a conventional LED strip or LED lightbulb.

When choosing a lampshade, pay attention to its maximum radius. If you are using an LED light bulb that is 5-7 watts, then the space should be 2.5 inches. If the LED light bulb has less power, then the radius should be larger.

Application of dimmers

Softening the light can be done using a dimmer switch. The dimmer switch works on the principle of a sensor. It monitors how intense light is emitted from the light bulb. If required, the device will soften LED lights, as well as regulate the voltage of the light source.

You can install dimmers at different levels. This allows you to soften LED lights evenly so that you can control your workspace and decorative lighting.

You can also use LED indicators that are aimed at dimming. They fit most LED lights. You can dim light bulbs with LED indicators only if you choose the right tools.

You can also darken indicator LEDs on the light fixtures using translucent adhesive foil. Thanks to this, the energy-efficient LED backlight does not dazzle; however, the space will be well-lit.

How to soften LED lights: best tips
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Turn off status lights

Today, there are many devices with status lights in homes that make life easier. These LED device lamps can be adjusted. The switch helps you soften the LED light and reduce glare.

At the same time, the setting allows you to turn off the status lights completely. If necessary, if you can turn off the LED indicators, turn them off only for a while you sleep. This keeps the status indicator from interfering with your sleep.

This method should be used if you want to avoid softening the LED but turn it off completely. This improves the energy efficiency of the appliances. It is better to clarify the information in the instructions for the device in advance.

Applying filters

If dimmer switches are not suitable for you, you can use regular filters. They help to quickly and effectively soften the LED and make its blue light less intense. Filters that can be used for softening the light can be of different shapes and designs.

If you prefer to soften the LED so that it shines with warm light, then choose filters in a red or orange tint. Alternatively, apply a gel or thin paper sheet. Such tools also help soften the LED.

If you need to soften the LED and prevent the formation of glare, it makes sense to use lens hoods. Filters that help soften the LED can be used not only in the office but also at home.

There are models on the market that balance the light output power.

You can choose a filter for the LED backlight, depending on the desired shade. Modern LED bulbs have a color temperature of about 2500-5000 K.

If you prefer to use warm-colored lighting, then look for colored gels that reflect the light. If you would rather not spend money on buying filters, you can build them yourself.

Change color temperature

To soften the LED, you can change the color temperature. This contributes to the formation of soft light. If you prefer soft light that will be soothing, you should opt for a low color temperature.

For the room to have a bright light, it makes sense to set a high color temperature. Changing the color temperature is quite simple. You can use the dimmer or remote control that comes with the LED strips.

Turn on the light source and start turning the dial on the dimmer to achieve the desired color temperature. The lower values make the light warmer. High ones help to achieve cold blue light.

How to soften LED lights: best tips
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Alignment change

If office lighting involves several LEDs and light bulbs in the same area, it makes sense to level the system. This suggests that it is necessary to adjust the direction of the light lamps. They must look in different directions. Thanks to this, the light will be soft.

How to diffuse the light from the LEDs properly?

If you need to soften the LED and give it diffuse light, there are a few ways to do this. Namely:

  1. Use a transparent muslin cloth. It will make the light from bulbs softer, and your eyes will not get tired.
  2. If you only need to temporarily soften the LED lights, you can use cardboard or paper.
  3. Use stockings or socks. They will also soften the light a bit.
  4. If you want to soften the LED more originally, then build a homemade diffuser using an acetate sheet. Cut it to fit the size of the light bulbs and stick it where you want.

If you are having difficulty softening the light, you can purchase a lamp that comes with a lampshade. Thanks to this, your eyes will not get tired.

At the same time, you will be much more comfortable reading books and doing homework.

You can also buy a pre-made diffuser to make the LED lights softer. This is the optimal solution if other methods have failed.

Does intense light harm the eyes?

Too bright LED lights are very harmful to the eyes. You experience discomfort and your eyes tire faster.

How to soften LED lights: best tips
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When it comes to softening LED lights, there are many questions to ask.

Can you make LED lights less bright?

To dim the light of the LEDs, it makes sense to use dimmers. With their help, you can adjust the brightness at any time. For example, at night, the light can be turned down so that it does not interfere with a comfortable sleep. But during the day, when you work or study, you can amplify the light.

Can you get a warm LED?

Almost all LED light bulbs come in both warm and cold colors. Therefore, you can definitely choose the best option for yourself.

Are there drawbacks to softening LED lights?

Softening LED lights may slightly reduce their overall brightness or intensity. Additionally, poorly designed or improvised diffusion methods may cause color temperature shifts or uneven diffusion.

Are there DIY methods to soften LED lights if I don’t have diffusers or softboxes?

DIY methods like using wax paper, sheer fabrics, or even white shower curtains can be placed in front of LED lights to diffuse and soften the illumination. However, exercise caution to avoid heat build-up and fire hazards.

Are there specific types of LED bulbs or fixtures better suited for softening light?

LED bulbs with a higher color temperature (lower Kelvin values) or those labeled as “warm white” tend to emit softer, warmer light compared to bulbs with cooler color temperatures.


As you can see, softening the LED light is quite simple. You can use any of the many methods, depending on your capabilities and skills.

I hope this article will help you find the right ways to soften the ice lamp. If you know other ways, I will be glad to see your comments and suggestions.

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